Spring into Change

Have you ever talked with a Canadian in their Spring season? Were they edgy? Manic? Sad? Excitable? If so, take heart that their behaviour is not directly related to any recent drug use or coffee intake – this is just how we are when Spring rolls along.

Spring is a season of hope for Canadians. Our winters are long, very long. They are so long that they stretch well into our designated Spring season (how rude) and reduce Spring to basically a month (middle of may to the first day of Summer). Imagine waking up in May and seeing snow accumulation on the trampoline that your kids begged you to set up early, despite your knowledge of how often it snows in the month of May. Or looking into your beloved garden of new growth to only find it under four inches of snow. This is our spring.

Today, as I sit here sipping my coffee while putting fingers to keyboard, I find myself reminiscing and planning for the future. Now you might be thinking, a little lofty for this time of the day. Well, you’re correct. But our rooster, my four-year-old, crowed at 6:00 AM, so I’m technically not writing this first thing in the morning.

At my precious age of 30-something, I have recently learned that rediscovery is not a bad thing. So often, humans are criticized for change. Change in hair, body, career, car, music, paint colour (just me?) etc. If you did a Botox treatment you are condemned for not loving yourself. If you lost a large amount of weight on a fad diet, you are reminded that you will only gain it back. Did you spend money on something ‘frivolous’? – it will be obsolete soon enough. Sound familiar? Have you heard any of these before? I know I have.

When do we start caring less about what other’s think and start caring 100 times more about how we think and feel? This isn’t hard – you don’t need a self help book. Simply remind yourself that their opinion is the only thing obsolete, faddy, and frivolous.

I love myself. Proudly, outwardly, and without regret. I do my best to be healthy and happy. There are days and weeks where I hit the nail on the head, then there are days and weeks where I am continually missing. This is normal, this is life.

So, Good Morning. Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy your morning, your routine, your breakfast (I vote you make pancakes) and try to enjoy Peppa Pig – because I know at least a few of you have it playing in the background. Maybe more coffee will help take the edge off.

The weather is beautiful in this part of Ontario today. As I head outside, I encourage you to enjoy the quiet moments. Dream big dreams and draw inspiration from them. While you do that, I’ll be outside battling black flies which are almost as much fun as snow. But beggers can’t be choosers 😉

Writer to writer: Enjoy this meme – I relate to it 150%. Chocolate cake, anyone?

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