Moving past false guilt

As I juggled multiple projects this week, I found myself often forgetting meals, cutting corners with my kids, and drinking more coffee than normal. Now this is normally where most would expect me to perform a repentance of sorts, but I am completely unapologetic. I am embracing the perks and quirks of writing as a job and it has been exciting. No one has died and despite an increase in mac and cheese – I have loved firing up my writing brain. I’ve watched courses, taken notes, laughed, created new writing habits, abolished some old ones, and overall, enjoyed sitting and creating. I am envious of those who can do this full time and make a decent, respectable living.

How amazing it must be to drink coffee, write, take breaks, write more, and move along with life at your own pace. I am not disillusioned about some of the realities of writing, but if we cannot dream about where we want to see our careers, then we are cutting ourselves short, severely.

Settling is a completely different topic and article – but today is focused on acceptance.

I hate guilt – it is the worst buzz kill. Feeling guilty about career moves, hard work, advances in person goals, you name it… worst part is, I do it to myself.

So how do we fix self guilt? Well according to John Grohol Psy.D, Founder and Editor in Chief of Psych Central, “Guilt has an incredible way of popping up even when we’re barely doing anything at all.” His article has tips to deal with guilt but number five is my favourite. Have a read if this topic speaks to you.

If you are sitting here reading this thinking about how you should be doing laundry or making an elaborate lunch for your 4-year-old who won’t eat it because it touched air, let go of that guilt and throw a few crackers at them with cheese. We all survived on it…

Enjoy some time today, guilt free, on me 😉