I’m still waiting

As a whole, we are not a thankless race. There are far more of us who give thanks than those who do not.

When I do something for someone, I can boldface lie and state I do not need thanks, but as mentioned, that would be untrue. I need it. I want to hear that you appreciate me and my efforts. Why is saying that out loud so awkward and controversial?

Bear in mind, there is such a thing as over thanking, and yes, it’s annoying. For example: please do not thank me for covering my mouth when I cough. Or for washing my hands when I get in. Or for finishing my food.

But I do need thanks for many other things.

Offering thanks demonstrates the very baseline of appreciation and it’s healthy for the giver and receiver. It reflects a degree of happiness. When someone does something for you, and you are happy as a result of that action, give it back. They will be happier for it.

I have done a lot of pro bono work – like many writers. We offer this for a host of reasons, but the main reasons are usually experience or guilt. We either lack the experience in that style and are working to increase it, or we feel bad for someone (usually a friend) and sell our soul for free.

Sound familiar?

Have you ever gifted your services and sat around waiting for thanks? Did the absence of a thank you falsely remove validation of your skill and hard work? Did you check your phone 50 times more than you normally would have in a day, waiting for the text or email that said, “Great work.”

If so, you are not alone.

Validation is something that so many people collectively seek. It does not discriminate, mean more for those with money, mean less for those who are poor. It does not mean more if the stakes are higher vs. lower.

Practice gratitude this week. Give thanks and validation where it might be past due, or due. Take note of how it’s received – that’s generally a great sign of how well you do with giving thanks.

PS. THANK YOU for reading this article. Every like, view, comment, and re-share excites my writer’s soul. I appreciate all of you 🙂