I hate journals

But don’t get me wrong. I love walking around Indigo, dreaming about journaling while I browse their gift section full of inspiring stationery. Couple that stationary with a $30.00 pen made JUST for journaling, and how could I not be successful?

Short answer: many of us aren’t good at taking pen to paper about personal thoughts. Bonus answer: not many of us have the time. Journaling is a major commitment and anyone who says otherwise is lying – and will likely journal about that later.

Journaling requires vulnerability and an incredible ability to digest one’s thoughts for a specific audience. The audience, which is you, is hypercritical and will be analyzing everything you write – looking for ways to improve, grow and change. Maybe that’s the goal but for many of us, a simple indulgence of take-out pizza, the movie Notebook, and some wine is enough of an effort to relate to that vulnerable side.

So if you can’t journal – what else could you do?

Decompression comes in many forms and recanting stories and ideas from your day doesn’t have to be a formal process. Sometimes a blog post is all you need. Or maybe you write the topic of your thoughts on a sticky note and percolate about how they made you feel. However, Writing words on paper (or blogging) isn’t the answer for everyone.

Exercise is going to be a trending topic in early 2023 for many reasons. Resolutions often encompass areas we want to improve – not taking into account the process that it takes to make those improvements. But exercise is still a great solution for processing tough emotions and feelings. You can’t deny the positive effects of endorphins and how the happy chemicals that get released when you exercise, make you feel. We all lament about how much we hate the process of exercising, but no one can deny how good the after-effects feel.

Singing is another great tool that many of us forget to use. Whether you have a good voice or a voice that is left for the shower, singing is a fantastic body exercise that allows the volume of your voice to be your therapeutic release. I recommend starting off with something in the “powerhouse” category such as a Whitney or Disney song. This is where you’re allowed to talk about Bruno.

But what if journaling is calling your name despite all attempts to avoid it?

Start a blog. Find some followers. Start exchanging comments and REAL TIME thoughts with others who might be feeling the same way. This is a win/win as it benefits more than just you and helps you save money on a $30.00 pen from Indigo. Also: buy the damn pen if it makes you happy.

Wishing you a happy new year! Cheers to everything 2023 has coming for us, good or bad, we will traverse – and maybe journal about it…