Moving forward, without dragging all that emotional baggage

We, as a human race, are experts at carrying baggage around. We are so proficient that we no longer think about it, we simply do it. Bad relationship? Carry it to the next. Bad parents? Remind yourself not to be them, every day. Terrible experience with an employer? Compare it to your next one.

I don’t believe most of us actually enjoy reliving our past traumas, but despite that, a lot of us have a difficult time detaching and moving forward.

There really isn’t such a thing as a clean start. We can pretend to start over, but life is a continuous reel, whether it is positive or not. As much as we would love the control of every aspect, we truly control very little. What we can do is adjust our perspectives of our healing and recovery.

So how do we move forward without carrying everything from the past?

Acknowledge that the past was hard and take steps to work through what you can. Be patient with your healing and give yourself time to process and move forward. The worst thing we can do is expect immediate change. Proclaiming something out loud doesn’t fix it. But acknowledging is an important step.

Seek out a professional who can help you take healthy steps toward healing. In a world where mental health remains the topic of everyone’s mind, we are still so reserved about getting help.

Time. The thing we all have so little of, or rather, make so little time for. We rush and fill our days to the point where they are brimming over with obligations, quite often leaving personal time in the dust. Have you ever meditated? Meditating is a time-savvy way to find 1-2 minutes for yourself while benefiting from breathing exercises and guided meditations.

Not sure where to start with meditation? Thankfully we live in a world chock-full of technology and apps. My go-to app is Headspace. With so many different ways to get into meditation, such as SOS, sleep casts, meditation programs, and so much more, this app truly has it all. Another great perk, they are partnered with Nike Run Club. So if you are a runner, you can now participate in guided runs with Headspace.

Be picky about which baggage you carry each day. If it’s slowing you down, check that bag and try something new and scary – even if it’s as simple as saying hi to a stranger, or more complex as looking for a new job. Your brain, heart, and back will thank you, and JUST maybe – you’ll end up happier than you started.

Cheers to 2023 and less baggage.