Monday – A bit more about me

And not in the narcissistic way.

I am constantly fishing for writing tips, contacts, opportunities, and resources, and as a result of that, I spend a lot of time browsing other people’s websites, blogs, and online content. One thing I’ve noticed, is quite often there isn’t a lot of information presented about the author. No face to put to a great idea, no background to put to a great success story, sometimes not even a small 3-4 sentence paragraph about the author. I like to associate great content with a real person.

If you scroll back to my previous post, The Best Writing Tip I Ever Received, I mentioned that your content isn’t necessarily being utilized because you have great hair (which would be none of us right now). It isn’t personal – however, that might be true for the business side of things, but what about your website or blog?

The other day, I spent some time catching up with one of my favourite blogs, Younghouselove, which is a blog about DIY design, house improvements, and their entertaining journey to their dream home. There are a few reasons I love their blog. First, the colour. I am attracted to colour, vibrancy, patterns, and pink. Pink holds its own category in my mind. Second, it’s written as though you are sitting across from one of them, having a coffee. Casual writing is my spirit animal – or writing spirit. And the most important point is that the entire blog is relatable because the authors are accessible. I connect deeper to the content, believe in what they are saying, and will even try their tips because two humans have made an effort to connect with their audience.

So without further ado, here is a bit more about me.

My name is Leah Sobon. I am a paramedic and a writer. I have been a writer for 17 years and a paramedic for 11. I work in Ontario and I love my job. Being a paramedic is unparalleled and I am extremely proud to represent my profession on all my platforms. When I am not working, or writing, I am teaching Taekwondo or studying for my English degree. I am a busy woman by choice. I have a beautiful family which I choose to keep private. Alongside my human family, I have three dogs, three skinny pigs, and two Beta fish. Yes, it sounds like chaos and if you were to be a fly on the wall, then it might also look like chaos. But it’s mine and I treasure it all.

The best part about being a paramedic and a writer are the spontaneous moments of inspiration. There are times at work when I am dealing with an emotion or experience and I feel inspired to incorporate it into a piece I’m creating. I treasure all the stories and experiences that happen as a result of my job. Humans are intricate and infatuating.

I am fairly active and so is my family. My husband is a runner and has been running for a long time. My entire family does Taekwondo as well, making our family total of black belts to almost three!

Before COVID, spare time was limited, but when it did happen we liked to be in our beautiful backyard or up at my parent’s home, the cottage. Both my husband and I are paramedics, so you can imagine that we treasure whatever time we have together to the fullest capability.

I started this blog because it called to me. Sound hokey? Well, call it what you will, but I felt inspired to create new work on another public platform. I love making people laugh and smile. However, I also love challenging people with content that might influence how they currently practice their art.

That’s enough for now. Thank you for taking the time to be my readers. It truly does mean the world to me.

My next “Retro Ad Revise” is this Friday, and I’m confident that it will stir some digital memories for you…

Happy Monday 🙂