Even the pros practice

Over the last few months, I have noticed a large number of writers placing personal ads for employment on LinkedIn. Some choosing to move on in their careers, but many let go. This is a lucrative, competitive business and on the surface, it appears very hard to be successful as a writer.

When it comes to writing, there are truly no short cuts. To become the best, you need to work really hard. It helps to be a natural writer, obviously, but not everyone is born that way. I recently started an online course, via LinkedIn learning, that spoke to the value of writing everyday. This is something we can be better at, but it takes practice and commitment. What counts as writing practice? Anything really, but practicing your craft will benefit your writing.

I write content for several different businesses blogs/websites, and I find that when I practice writing topics in advance, I get better at writing on topics that don’t interest me. Writing content for subjects you’re not personally interested in can be VERY hard. For example, if you asked me to write content on a toaster, I would probably take three times as long to write it because of disinterest. The content will still be great, but writing it is a whole different process than writing about something I am well versed in.

This is why we practice, ideally, every day. Practice writing about topics that disinterest you. Learn how to do some basic research and information gathering, then try to write about it. It will feel like torture at first, but it prepares you to learn how to write as a versatile writer.

I personally struggle the most when I feel my writing muse has gone on vacation. I can tell the second I put my fingers on the keyboard. I am typing from an empty void. But when the inspiration (or my muse) is there, writing is effortless – like today.

What helps you get on track with your writing? What techniques do you use to help better your practice and increase your skill set as writers? Comment below with your answers – I look forward to reading them!